Garrosh Hellscream is a whiny little bitch.

you mean the part where he spends decades of his life thinking that his father turned his entire race into a lot of little more than bloodthirsty animals and at the same time is under pressure to lead a dying people and he feels that he will lead them to their demise

or the part where he shows his disgust for Sylvanas bringing the dead back to life, just after he finished a campaign in Northrend and losing one of his best friends to the Lich King

Or the part where he goes to Azeroth expecting a great race of proud orc warriors to meet him but instead finds his brothers wallowing in a dusty desert barely carving a life out of hard rock and waterless lands, when lush forests and a better life lay only a stone’s throw away, and when asking why they do not take what could easily be theirs, the only answer he gets is that they are paying pennance for the actions of their ancestors who invaded Azeroth— something that Garrosh had been doing for his ENTIRE LIFE, and the same man who dragged Garrosh out of that mindset is perpetuating this same way of thinking on his entire race, so he vows to break this system and make orcs be the proud warriors they should be?

yeah what a whiny bitch right